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Doug Baum [00:00:00] Well, of course, I'm going to be a fan of anything that, you know, validates the camel and its place in culture and in conservation.

Doug Baum [00:00:09] But, I think the practical points of any of this concept of rewilding should certainly move slowly, cautiously, deliberately, because really it's, it's kind of Pandora's box, right?

Doug Baum [00:00:26] We have, man, I say, we, have already altered virtually every ecosystem on the planet, maybe arguably Antarctica not, but certainly in North America. I think we have altered these ecosystems just through human migration and livestock grazing, just the things that man naturally has now done for about 8000 years.

Doug Baum [00:00:54] So, the idea that we could rewild, I think, is, it's a romantic notion, but I think it would be like anything: like, to what period are we rewilding it? Are we going to take it back to 67,000 years ago, or are we going to take it back to 30 million years ago? At what point in history are we trying to recreate for a given landscape?

Doug Baum [00:01:18] And, I believe we're just too far past any one of those eras to ever really recreate it.

Doug Baum [00:01:27] Now, as a landowner, could camels or bison be placed on a property to control maybe invasive plants or noxious species? Absolutely. But that comes really at the local level.

Doug Baum [00:01:46] And I don't think that we could necessarily effectively implement any kind of broad-reaching success stories for ecological management.

Doug Baum [00:02:00] I think that's a dream and a wonderful idea, but I just can't see it being practical.