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Ben Feltner [00:00:01] From the historical readings that I've done, it was heavily marketed as a food bird because they were, they tended to get very, very fat.

Ben Feltner [00:00:14] They fed on crowberries in the Arctic. And that's what fattened them up for I think they went towards the Argentine plains for their wintering.

Ben Feltner [00:00:34] And so they were slaughtered without any kind of, I mean, there were no rules. So people would go out and just kill them by the hundreds. And they used shotgun loads and shot into flocks of them.

Ben Feltner [00:00:53] And unfortunately, they apparently wheeled back. When birds fell out, the flocks would turn and come around again, so they kept shooting and shooting.

Ben Feltner [00:01:10] And they actually had cart loads of them to take to various butchers.

Ben Feltner [00:01:17] That much I know.