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Kenneth Seyffert [00:00:00] That, that is a term that I find abominable. I detest anyone calling a bird a trash bird. I can't, I cannot conceive of how they can consider any - just because you don't like the bird, you put it in a category. A house sparrow, a grackle, is as valid a species, an organism, as any other.

Kenneth Seyffert [00:00:28] And, it, a house sparrow, is a fascinating bird. If you studied the house sparrow, he could teach you a lot about birds. Usually, I can't help but thinking that people who would call something a trash bird are just interested in it as something you check off on a list. I mean, not interested in the bird. I wonder if he's even interested in birds at all.

Kenneth Seyffert [00:00:58] The grackle, the wide incursion of grackles into the Panhandle, is a result of primarily, probably of an environment, an altered environment, that has drawn the bird in. A species that can adapt to what man has done to the environment, that can live with it, where other species cannot. It's just, it's just reacting, as all species do in the wild. They're adapting to an environment. And are successful at it.

Kenneth Seyffert [00:01:41] So why, why not study or consider it, on the same basis as you would any other organism? I don't understand that trash business. That's, that's a value judgment. It is completely out of place as far as I'm concerned.