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Cliff Shackelford [00:00:00] Yeah, I think when, when, you know, in the old days of what I mentioned, the shotgun era of ornithology, in that specimens were king. They were like trading cards, like baseball cards.

Cliff Shackelford [00:00:13] And, you know, the upper elite would collect these, these things. There were people that collected eggs from birds and they had oological collections. There were those that had the specimens.

Cliff Shackelford [00:00:25] And once it got out that this bird was rare, the price got higher for hired guns to bring those in.

Cliff Shackelford [00:00:34] There was a famous guy in South Carolina named A.T. Wayne. And he, he made part of his living that way, in seeking out the last few ivory-billeds to collect to sell to these collectors that had them in their private collection.

Cliff Shackelford [00:00:54] And his name is on a lot of labels. And he collected them in South Carolina. He went to Florida and collected birds there.

Cliff Shackelford [00:01:04] And I think that was a big problem. I think, you know, the last 200 birds, I bet a big chunk of the last few hundred birds ended up in collections.