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Scott Royder [00:00:00] They were definitely doing predator control against lions...

Scott Royder [00:00:05] You know, I think it just sort of fit within the scope of the overall mentality that predators, you know, and this started back in the early 1900s, you know, basically. Sort of a mentality about the dominator culture that is written about by Rianne Eisler a lot, as opposed to the partnership society where, you know, and this is all during that time where Native Americans were being wiped out as well.

Scott Royder [00:00:34] It does go back to, you know, way back. So if you if you look at sort of this mentality, it sort of started with the Doctrine of Discovery that was written back in 1493 and it was used to justify Columbus' coming over and taking over lands and wiping out the people that were on those lands. Basically saying, if you're not a Christian, then we can steal your land and we can enslave you. And you know, we are in control. So, you know, I think this just declared that anything that wasn't a Christian was to be dominated.

Scott Royder [00:01:18] And so this is basically what started this sort of dominator mentality: that anything that gets in the way of progress, or my ownership of the land, or my ability to become rich off of these resources, or to, you know, remove people, and displace people and animals off of that property, is my right...

Scott Royder [00:01:46] So, you know, predators just happened to be one of those beings that falls in the path...

Scott Royder [00:01:53] And you know, I think people are starting to realize that, you know, we can't continue to move in this way. And there are a lot of people, especially the indigenous people, from day one, you know, that have been talking about how we can't continue to do this. This is not sustainable.

Scott Royder [00:02:11] And so we have a, we have a great opportunity here, and, and we better change our ways. You know, if you, if you step back far enough and look at these things, you will see that there is another way. There is a partnership way.

Scott Royder [00:02:26] And that nature is going to have the final say. And nature has taught us that if we just watch and listen and observe, you know, we'll see that there's a place for all of these divine beings. In fact, you know, really the truth of nature being that we are all divine - every relative, every relation, every being - and we should treat each other and everything that way, because we all have a place. Nobody owns us. Nobody can own the land.

Scott Royder [00:02:57] You know, we really need to step back and have a totally different view of this planet and the divinity that we're all part of. And we haven't been acting that way for a long time.