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Al Brothers [00:00:03] I look at hunting as an outdoor experience, not necessarily the taking of a game animal, but all the experience and the experiences that you, you feel and, and get in a hunting experience itself.

Al Brothers [00:00:22] And if there's an opportunity to harvest a quality animal, fine, that makes it even better.

Al Brothers [00:00:29] But the whole idea in quality deer management is, is let's maintain a healthy herd. And, and what you would term as a trophy animal is basically a byproduct of maintaining a good, healthy herd.

Al Brothers [00:00:45] Now, an unhealthy herd normally has no quality animals in it. A herd with a poor buck/doe ratio, poor age structure, poor recruitment or too much recruitment, either way you want to look at it, you very seldom find quality animals in that type of herd.

Al Brothers [00:01:03] But when you have a good herd and have good buck/doe ratios, good age structure, good recruitment and the numbers are in tune with the habitat, then you have quality animals out there. Not necessarily that you're going to get them, and that shouldn't be your primary objective, although it is for a lot of people.

Al Brothers [00:01:21] But to me, the outdoor experience, the actual experience of going out, camping out or being with your friends in a hunting camp, the camaraderie, and you going out and learning or knowing what plants to look for that deer prefer, knowing how to track, knowing how to read sign, and to decide where is the best place for you to hunt, and all of those things go onto the hunting experience to me.

Al Brothers [00:01:45] I have a quality experience every time I go out, and occasionally I fire a shot.